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Most Chic Sandals

Created on 25 March 2014. Posted in Frontpage

What best than some fashionable sandals for your summer walks on the islands? MOST CHIC sandals are known for their minimalistic design and simple lines, but also for their high level of quality and ...

Inspired christmas trees

Created on 04 November 2013. Posted in Frontpage

... Most Expensive Christmas Tree” in Ginza Tanaka jewelry store, Tokyo    ...

Hyperbola by Georgina Skalidi

Created on 06 October 2013. Posted in Frontpage

... Worn by the most famous celebrities in Greece and supported by International publications like Vogue and Marie Claire, the creations of Georgina Skalidi are timeless pieces of Art. For more contact ...

Wedding Tour & Consulting

Created on 23 September 2013. Posted in Wedding Tour & Consulting

... to the venue by helicopter. Anything is possible to make your wedding day the most memorable day of your life!   ...

Gift Services

Created on 23 September 2013. Posted in Gift Service

Need? Inspiration? We offer suggestions for the most creative and suitable gifts, for every social occasion or for your loved ones, that will enthuse and impress them with their originality. We ...

Most Chic

Created on 05 August 2013. Posted in Designers

Paris Fashion Week street style

Created on 29 July 2013. Posted in Frontpage

Real Fashion is not only available on the catwalk! Celebrities, VIP's, fashion lovers and bloggers, all make their statement at the in and outs of Paris Fashion week with the most elegant, extravagant ...

Haute Couture inspirations

Created on 25 July 2013. Posted in Frontpage

Haute couture inspirations, ethereal and sublime fabrics, almost like a fairy's costume. Design by famous Greek designer Vlassis Holevas. More info at SHOPQUEEN Fashion Services.  ...

Wearable art pieces on your neck

Created on 25 July 2013. Posted in Frontpage

Wearable pieces of art for true distinction. Sublime jewellery almost too good to wear! All items are designed by Pericles Kondylatos. More info at SHOPQUEEN Fashion Services.    ...

Personal Shopping Services

Created on 17 July 2013. Posted in shopqueen

...  All our SHOPQUEEN Personal Shopping Services are tailored to suit your needs, your desires and foremost, your personality and looks. Please contact us today to book your appointment.  [widgetkit ...

The Triangle clutch bag

Created on 06 December 2012. Posted in Frontpage

A bag that is not a conventional bag! Inspired by geometrical shapes and made in plain colourful leather, cork and textured leathers, the bags of Georgina Skalidi are an object of desire, almost too nice ...

Catwalk selections by Elie Saab

Created on 06 December 2012. Posted in Frontpage

Luxurious and fine French lace, embellished with crystals and embroideries and combined with sheer silks and organzas, create a medieval, almost Goth effect for the sophisticated, yet mysterious evening ...

Women's Closet

Created on 05 December 2012. Posted in Frontpage

Luxury eveningwear for every special occasion.  Shopqueen takes you to the most exclusive fashion stores and Greek Fashion Designers to select that special dress or outfit that will make your day! ...

Fashion Services

Created on 08 June 2011. Posted in shopqueen

... , the most important boutiques, concept stores and global brands. Our international contacts in the Fashion sector and our team’s experience in scouting new markets and designers, dealing with luxury ...


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