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Fine bespoke tailoring , natural and breathable yarns and attention to detail, the secret to a sophisticated masculine wardrobe. Daring colours like pink, lilac and yellow, are the new trend to ‘stir’ the already conservative  waters of menswear. 

The Triangle clutch bag

A bag that is not a conventional bag! Inspired by geometrical shapes and made in plain colourful leather, cork and textured leathers, the bags of Georgina Skalidi are an object of desire, almost too nice to wear! Order your bag now in any colour and material that suits your mood, looks and fashion attitude!

Catwalk selections by Elie Saab

Luxurious and fine French lace, embellished with crystals and embroideries and combined with sheer silks and organzas, create a medieval, almost Goth effect for the sophisticated, yet mysterious evening collection of Elie Saab.



Contemporary design

The new version of the 'all time classic' corset in an edgy and contemporary feel by designer Mary Michailidou.Contact SHOPQUEEN Fashion Services.

Luxury Quotes

They said it, we live it! Fashion is an attitude, a statement, a way of life. It is simply a way to make your life different!

Women's Closet

Luxury eveningwear for every special occasion.  Shopqueen takes you to the most exclusive fashion stores and Greek Fashion Designers to select that special dress or outfit that will make your day! Contact SHOPQUEEN now!




What more can we say? The word speaks for itself! The drink of luxurious lifestyle and the brand that has been linked to this symbol of celebration, Veuve Clicquot transforms the all-time-classic  Champagne into a collectible piece of Fashion, with innovative and avant-garde packaging. 

Unique jewellery collection

Unique decorated cuffs inspired by elements of nature,  ready to transform a simple outfit into a statement piece. Available in Gold 14k, Gold, Rhodium and Rose Gold plating and designed by the famous jewellery designer Alexandra Koumba.Contact SHOPQUEEN Fashion Services.


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